Image Signs & Design is your official source for
bus/transit advertising in Grays Harbor County.


When it comes to advertising, our local commuters, pedestrians and drivers are our #1 target.

Image Signs and Grays Harbor Transit have come together and completely reworked corporate America’s standard of bus advertising in order to make an affordable option for local business.

Buses are where people are! Grays Harbor Transit runs buses all throughout the county.

This means that your “billboard” will effectively advertise in cities all throughout Grays Harbor rather than stay in a fixed location. Your advertising will drive to them!

Your advertising will drive to your customers!


  • Buses move constantly! They travel through both
    commercial and residential areas.
  • There are options for many budgets. Let us help you
    find the option that is best for your advertising needs.
  • Buses are seen by both pedestrians and vehicular traffic
    at the same time.



  • These traditional ad sizes are perfect for getting the word out about your business


  • Oversize ad? Create a custom ad that explodes outside of the standard space boundaries!

daily Route Traffic Impression Data

This information provides prospective advertisers with a fair idea of the number of impressions, by area, that your advertisement will reach when applied to buses that service the area:

SR 12

  • through Central Park – 23,000
  • at Newell St. (before 101) 28,000

US 101 Aberdeen-Hoquiam

  • West Market both directions – 11,000
  • Westbound on Wishkah – 14,000
  • Eastbound on Heron – 14,000
  • Westbound on Alder – 11,000
  • Eastbound on Park – 11,000
  • After Myrtle – 11,000
  • At 109 junction (Hoquiam) – 13,000
  • Lincoln St. – 10,000
  • 5th St. – 5,200

SR 109 Hoquiam

  • Emerson St. – 9,300

US 101 Cosmopolis

  • (North through Cosi) Before 105 junction in Cosi – 8,900
  • After junction – 25,000

SR 105

  • At Charlie Creek Bridge – 1,600
  • At Taft Rd. – 6,900
  • At Huntley St. – 10,000
  • Before US 101 junction in S Aberdeen – 16,000

Below is information about placement of your signage on the bus,quantity discounts, and sizes of ad-space available.

  • Rates are Net, representing space
  • Rates listed are per 4 week period
  • Reflective vinyl, extensions, and other embellishments available at additional cost.
  • Discounts are available for 6 month and 1 year agreements.
  • Print cost per advertisement is $7/sq. ft. -a discount of $2/sq. ft. will be given to any business owned by a Grays Harbor resident.
  • Installation cost is 125.00 per advertisement for a single 4 week period. Cost is reduced to 90.00 per advertisement for a 6 month contract and 65.00 for a 1 year contract.
  • Installation discounts are also available for advertisers renting space on more than one bus.
  • A 15% space rental discount will be given to valid non profit organizations. A limited number of non profit lease spaces are available.
  • Rates are subject to change without notice. Specific placement premiums may apply. Icons are for reference only.

Call for more information and

an introductory special!